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Tips when buying antique furniture by Saqib Soomro

When he went to take his interview on the tips when it comes to buying antique furniture, he said that he had a lot to say, and these tips aren’t just for anybody who wants to buy the furniture but to the person who holds the passion of having an antique piece or unit in his house.

The Monetary need
He states that the most important thing when buying antique furniture is the person’s ability to buy the antique furniture because the antique furniture costs a lot. It is always good for a person to start saving because the ancient and vintage collectable items are always expensive. Just because of the fact that they have a heritage attached to it. It may be the case that the certain unit that you are trying to buy have come from various kinds and their dynasties, and the thing is the price attached to it isn’t over at all because its mandatory for such a thing to have a price tag which only a few people with the passion and desire for having such an artwork could only you afford and take care of.

Distinguishing between the imposters and the genuine
Furthermore when we asked him about how a layman person would go and identify a unit as an antique and how can he distinguish the between the real and the fake. Mr. Saqib Soomro states that the furniture which is antique would have certain chemicals which are needed to be put on it to keep it in a working condition. Because of their old age factors they go through the wear and tear that comes with the age, but the problem part or the most difficult part lies in the fact that how do you keep them preserved. It has often been the case that people here would sell you something by calling it antique which is actually not. You need to make sure that your dealer is trustworthy and real and doesn’t have malpractices like not bringing out the true story of the actual furniture that he is selling.

It may require travelling

Antique units are found all over the world. Sometimes the thing is that the antique furniture is placed in the places where the art crafts of the ancient world are kept and preserved. So it is a person’s duty that if he wants to acquire a certain piece of antique furniture he must be willing to travel abroad. Mr. Saqib Soomro states that the best way to make yourself travel worthy is by first getting the visas of the country which are easier to get so that you ink your passports the right way. Because only once that your passport is ready and well inked, you will get the visas of the country easily which holds the most amount of ancient furniture from the former kinds and their dynasties. Because usually all these items are seen and found in the part of European Union.

The world’s seven best beaches recommended by Saqib Soomro

A beach is a place where a person relaxes and takes out all the stresses of life that he has. A beach is a place of serene tranquility for a person where he could decipher on things which he in usual terms cannot. There are seven beaches in the world that he considers best and the list are as follows.

  • Santa Monica beach
    As the name goes by this beach lives up to its reputation. Santa Monica beach is near to the famous Santa Monica Boulevard in the outskirts of the great Rodeo Drive. On this beach you can easily spot the celebrities strolling down since its right at the corner of Hollywood. This beach is paparazzi’s hovering around to get a glimpse of their favorite star.
  • Venice Beach
    Don’t mistake the name as if it is in Italy. This beach is on the corners of California where the great Arnold Schwarzenegger worked out at. This gym is famous for the gym rats that are found because it is very near to the Mecca of bodybuilding which is Golds Gym.
  • Monte-Carlo Beach
    Mr. Saqib Soomro states that this beach stays close to his heart. Just because it attracts the top celebrities and the multi billionaires of the world. He says that it sits right in the middle of Monaco in Europe where he goes every year to see the Formula 1 races take place in the municipality.
  • Phi Phi Islands
    He points out that if you want to have a tropical outlook of rain with tress and sunshine, you must visit Thailand at the Phi Phi island beaches. These beaches are a love factor for all the movies makers out there. From James bond movies to Steven ones you will find that these beaches had remained the part of every movie makers life.
  • Uluwatu beach
    Mr. Saqib Soomro points out that Bali, Indonesia is world famous for its amazing beaches. But out of all the beaches Bali has, Uluwatu beach has its own existence. On the side skirts of PuraUlun Dan Beratan you will find this beach is mixture of green pasture with rocks and a market place to die for.
  • Bondi Beach
    Bondi beach Sydney is the best for the surfers around the world. The world Surfing competition takes place there and surfers from all over the world come here to try their luck in winning the coveted crown. Skin and sand goes hand in hand at this beautiful beach where you may even spot a lot of concerts and parties going on there, but just watch out for the sharks and currents.
  • Sentosa Beach
    Sentosa beach is a place where there is an influx of technology. Singapore is the best country in the world for passport domination. And Sentosa is the place just on the corners of the Singapore. You can find the best cruise parties here and the best weather there.

Seven things you must do in Greece by Saqib Soomro

Acropolis of Athens
Acropolis of Athens as a special place in the historic books. Though is it debatable that the existence of such in the time of Greece mythology but this fact is well-known world over that the best kings of the ancient Greece used to preside on their thrown in this very building or structure as you want to call it. That’s the tourists from all over the world come and take pictures here.

This UNESCO complex holds a true reputation for the fight of Poseidon and Aphrodite. As the history suggests the fight between the two took place here where it was written that this place had seen the bloodshed of 2 million people in the war which went for 20 years. The remains of the apparatus used by the warriors could be seen in the museums here which are well kept and preserved for the people to see.

This iconic 5th century temple ruins of Anthemion holds a history which can never be ignored when things you came across by the Greek Gods. These ruins will take you back in the era of Cythera and her army of 3000 elephants which didn’t get anybody in whoever tried to overcome this ruin and this temple stood the test of time as it stands proudly today even after millenniums.

Acropolis Museum

When you visit Acropolis Museum, Mr. Saqib Soomro stated that you can’t just go around without noticing the great chair of King Zeus where he used to sit. Historians say that his throne was so big that it could be seen from the outside markets of the city as well. Gold plated and well preserved that monument will take you in the ruins of history.

Palaka Gardens
Though this place is highly criticized for not being the actual place where once you saw the hanging gardens of Babylon but still many historians believe that this place has the most relevant evidences that the hanging gardens were at this very place, so now the government of Greece has slowly rebuild this into a tourism spot.

Syntagma Square
According to Mr. Saqib Soomro the Syntagma square is the Greek version of the Times Square New York. This holds many shops where you could shop from and many of the shops are even very cheap in price since the currency of Greece is too down you can buy stuff cheap here.

While visiting Knossos you will come across world’s biggest amusement park which can hold up to a 10 thousand people in one time. Famous for its big swings and big roller coasters it’s a must visit place.

How to avoid hidden dangers when travelling by Saqib Soomro

Travelling is the favorite hobby of this guy, he has seen all the world and has spent his fair share of time in almost every landmark in the world there is. He teaches us about what to watch out for when travelling and what are the kind of tourist traps you can encounter while travelling.

What are tourist traps?

Tourist traps are a kind of thing from which everyone must look out for. There are tourist traps all over the world. A tourist trap means that a person who is a traveler or who is a tourist going from one place to another in an unknown country and who doesn’t know the ups and downs of tourism and culture in that certain country and easily fall into the tourist trap. That means a person can be scammed by the locals, or even be kidnapped by the locals or the people in the local scene who are waiting for people to come over in their home town so that they can scam them out. These are found everywhere and in every country in the world and everybody must be aware of them before travelling otherwise it can cost them a lot of money time and give them tension as well.

How to save yourself from the dangers?

Mr. Saqib Soomro enlightened us with his vast knowledge that how do you get out of or should watch out for or stay away from the tourist traps. We can easily see that the best way to save yourself from a tourist trap is to do research. One must do a lot of research before travelling he told us, over the internet, over the magazines or the word of mouth, one must read blogs about traps of the tourist and etc. Because once you get in a tourist trap it can cost you a lot of money and time other things, and since a person only goes on a tour just to be happy and feel good it becomes very confusing for him if he gets scammed or suffers and problem. Internet these days is filled with the information of the tourist traps. One must do research complete before going on a trip abroad.

Importance of insurance while travelling.

Mr. Saqib Soomro said that travel insurance is of utmost importance. A person or a group of people who are travelling must get themselves travel insurance for every person. This is imperative because when you are travelling in another country, you can come across many dangers and many problems and if you get sick you have to spend a lot of foreign exchange in order to get well. So that’s why it is told that you should get your health insured before going for a trip abroad. It will cost you a little at him but it will also secure you from the big loss suffered in the case if you get sick. So always get yourself insured by good company.

Which country has the best and most antique furniture collections?

As a huge admirer of antique furniture, Mr Saqib Soomro has travelled far and wide searching for the best, unique and irreplaceable pieces of antique furniture. You may call Mr Saqib Soomro an avid procurer of antiquities. Antique furniture are unique pieces, each hand crafted individually, every piece has a special and exclusive back story and are one of a kind.  Saqib Soomro’s love for furniture can be seen in the unique collections he has procured over time.

Home décor is definitely not an easy task. It takes a lot of patience, persistence and impeccable knowledge. You need to know what to get from where; you need to know how to play with contrasting and complimenting colors and objects. For an amateur, the safest bet when it comes to redecorating with furniture, are antiquities! Antique furniture is classy, elegant and soothing to sore eyes. Vintage furniture goes with almost everything. Also, when you plan to decorate or redecorate, it is crucial to know the best place so that you invest wisely. Mr Saqib Soomro has helped us list down top three countries with amazing flea markets from where you can buy amazing antique furniture and then he helped us choose the best one!

In Argentina, the San Telmo Antique Fair is a must visit. The chaotic San Telmo Antiques Fair centers on Calle Defensa near San Juan Avenue, is a place where you’ll see thousands of people buying the most amazing furniture in the most reasonable prices. You’ll also find antique jewels’ and artwork here.

The Rose Bowl Flea Market in California features over three thousand vendors and sellers. This stunning market in Pasadena is a vintage furniture procurer’s paradise. It open up at 4 am for setup but the buyers are not allowed until 9 am. The Rose Bowl takes place only on every Sunday of each month.

The best place to get stunning antique furniture- England. From the gorgeous hand carved pieces, to unique silver embellishments, England is definitely a treasure trove when it comes to vintage furniture. The Bermondsey Market commonly called the New Caledonian Market is located on Bermondsey Street in London. Bermondsey is one of the main furniture and antiquities market in London. It attracts furniture dealers from all over the world. It’s a Mecca for antique collectors from every nook and corner in the world. Before dawn, on every Friday, the sellers’ set up their stalls and people start to come in by as early as 8 am so that they can get their hands on the best of pieces. Bermondsey Market also have a few furniture shops that remain open throughout the week. There is a row of really old warehouse on a rich in culture road known as Tower Bridge Road. There too, you can find amazing vintage furniture. Another amazing place for unique antique furniture is the Silver Vaults, located on Chancery Lane in London, England.

Secretively underground, housed amidst vaulted walls, there is nothing quite like the astounding and remarkable collections of fine antique silver in the Silver Vaults, with every era, design, period and style represented. Tables, chairs, boxes, holders and candle stands, you name it you will find it; gorgeous antique silver furniture to embellish your house. All the dealers have authentic and original pieces and each individual piece id authenticated by specialists after following a series of steps. This is in all its essence a one of a kind treasure trove of classic and traditional English silver craftsmanship.