5 worst places for tourism

In another talking session with Mr. SaqibSoomro, he told us that the world is a beautiful place to visit and travel but he says in the bed of roses there have always been a few thorns. These thrones represent the world’s worst travel places. He says one just should not and never even think of travelling for the safety of his family or his loved ones, or for his own life’s sake. He mentioned a few places which are extremely dangerous to travel to and if a person has to travel to these places he must take precautions as his life could be in danger too.

  • Jerusalem

This place has been the disputed territory since ages. People have been fighting there for liberation with Israeli forces for many years. This place is a no-go territory for any traveler. Here you can be caught and put inside the jail for the crimes that you haven’t even committed. One must take extra precaution while travelling to this country and according to him they must not. This place is one of the worst in the world for the human life’s safety.


  • North Sinai – Sharma el Shaikh

North Sinai is another place where he says that a person must never ever visit. Even though this place is near to the most famous Sham El Sheikh it’s better to stay away from this place as it still has rebel fighters who are trying every which way to kill and kidnap the tourists from all over the world. After they kidnap the tourists they ask for the ransom from the people. SaqibSoomro asks the travelers for extra precaution against such travelling.


  • Occupied Kashmir

Another place which he says that one must not go to is the Kashmir the occupied one. It can seriously put you in danger of getting killed, kidnapped and several things that can happen to you. Kashmir is a beautiful place, it has always been said that the valley can give a tough competition to the beauty of Switzerland in a head to head comparison, but the main problem there is that the two nations are fighting over it for the turf war, and that is the reason why he says not to travel there.


  • Syria

Syria is another place in African region where he says that one should not travel. Syria is mostly situation in between Rocky Mountains and big deserts. But here lies the same issue, freedom fighters are always on the hustle with the government for their issues. And the city is constantly being bombarded by the Israeli forces too. That is the reason why he discourages people from going there.


  • Kosovo

Last worst place in the list of Mr. SaqibSoomro is Kosovo. Kosovo had a bad history of warfare and fighting amounts the rebels and the law enforcement agencies. Its infrastructure has been fully destroyed with the worst economy. All the time in 80s and 90s this beautiful place had numbers of people killed here as the result the tourism went down to zero.


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