Antique furniture exhibition at London

Mr.Saqibsoomro is an ardent art lover and furniture lover as we all already know. He often talks about the amount of furniture exhibitions that he has visited in his lifetime. All over the world he has been to different places and different continents to organize the exhibitions as well as he has visited as a chief guest too. There are many exhibitions where he has been called as a jury member or the furniture making competitions where he has encouraged young talent of furniture makers and designers to showcase their work in front of the people. Often he has visited numerous countries of the world where he has been the top most priority of the contestants to impress because he was sitting there as a judge, if they happen to win the competition it would shine on their resume even more.

London is one place where Saqibsoomro has visited a lot in his lifetime for business, governmental works and most importantly for the exhibitions in London. He always says for the furniture exhibitions that city is best suited from the entire world. There are several reasons why he opts for London whenever there is an exhibition that he is staging or someone else is organizing. The art and furniture exhibitions are the events that he visits every year at least twice. He often narrates that those exhibitions are the best in the world where the artists from all over the world come to showcase their made furniture. Mayfair square is one such place which is filled with exhibition halls of the furniture’shappening from all over the United Kingdom. Here it can be seen that the best things and the best wood of the furniture is presented here in the exhibitions to showcase in front of the world. People from all sects, ages and demographics come here sand showcase their made up things or they just come there what this beautiful exhibition has to offer to capture in their cameras. The exhibitions are held every year from March to august.

SaqibSoomro states that in London you can come across such furniture which is made up of pine wood, which is the hardest and the most durable wood in the world, the second you can come across the furniture made up of cedar wood, the specialty of this wood is that is made up of very hard material along with the fragrance that it exudes out of the furniture that has been made and crafted. Next up you can see is the Hemlock wood, which looks very pale from outside but can withstand the test of time as it is denoted that this wood was used by the kings of old age era. Beech wood is another kind of wood that is used in the furniture, its main quality and advantage is that it is very durable and hard when it is made and it is also preserved to stand the test of time, it even goes a long way till the decades.

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