Best amusement parks in the world

SaqibSoomro is an ardent travel bug. He keeps on travelling from one place to another exploring every other country on the planet. He has been a teacher to many, many of the people come to him to take travel advices and learn about the dos and don’ts of a certain travel place. We asked him about his visits to the world’s amusement parks and which ones he fined the most beautiful and the most enthralling ones. He gave us his top six choices of the world’s most famous amusement parks which he fined the best for a happy time with family.

  • Disney land, Anaheim

The one which tops the list is Disney land. It is usually associated with Los Angeles when it actually it is in the adjacent city with the Los Angeles called Anaheim in the province of California. This is world famous for catering to all the ages in the world, from the toddler to an old person, this amusement park would make everyone at home with its rides.


  • Magic Kingdom, Bay lake

The close second in the list comes the Magic Kingdom in the area of Bay Lake in the province of Florida, United States of America. This amusement parks is best famous for all the big and dangerous roller coasters that it has, it has been the place of fascination for so many people around the world that people from every corner of the globe come here especially for the enjoyment in the roller coasters.


  • Walt Disney world, Florida

The province of Florida is the place of amusement parks in the world. SaqibSoomro told us that the third in the list is the famous Walt Disney world in Florida where you can find number to amazing rides which will keep you family vacation at its best and keep you fully happy and energized. The best thing about this park is that you may find many famous celebrities strolling over here who you could also take the photo with.


  • Universal studios, Orlando

This first of the Universal studio lands fourth in the list. When we inquired that we have anticipated it to rank much higher than the rest so he says that there are certain things that Universal studios lack in the ranking. One is the fact the because it has opened up a lot of its branches all over the world it is unable to keep the quality high that is the reason why it is ranked so low.


  • Eurostar, Rust

The fifth ranked is the Eurostar in the region of Rust in the continent of Europe. This is the first one from the Europe that ranks at the fifth. The sole reason that it helps all over the tourists from the continent to come and have fun in the sun.


  • Cedar Point, Philadelphia

This comes at the last in the list of SaqibSoomro. Here you can find the best of cinemas that you could enjoy with your loved ones. The rides old and overly used.

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