Best places for tourism in Asia

Mr. Saqibsoomro is an ardent travel maniac. He has travelled all over the world to quench his thirst for traveling. The best thing about travelling he says that it refreshes the mind of the person wandering around. He has been and seen many different cultures and many different nations, their foods, their dialect, their way to undertake themselves every day. When we inquired him about the experiences that he had in the continent of Asia, he smiled and told us that Asia is very rich in different cultures and approaches the people has. He says according to him following are the top 5 places in Asia that a person must travel:

  • Thailand

Thailand is one of the most travelled place in the most of the Asian continent he says. It offers wide variety of things to do there. Thailand has many best places to offer to the travelers. The travelers have many different options to travel there from Phuket to Krabi to KohSamui. If you travel to Phuket you can go to Phi Phi islands and the famous James bond island. There you can enjoy the vast coral reefs that Thailand has to offer to its travelers.


  • Indonesia

Indonesia is another jewel in the crown of Asian continent. The most famous place of Indonesia which is loved by the travelers from far west Americans, Canadians and most importantly the Australians is the continent of Bali. Mr. SaqibSoomro said that Bali is one such place which lies on the equator belt so that is the reason why it is very much prone to the earthquakes and natural calamities. But that doesn’t stop the travelers from visiting this beautiful Island.


  • Singapore

If you want to experience the advancement of the western countries in Asia then you must visit the land called Singapore. It is a small country that lies on the outer belt of Asian continent. Singapore has the famous Changi airport which is equipped with the most modern swimming pool. Singapore has the famous Universal studios where the tourist from world over come and enjoy their time.


  • Malaysia

As the saying goes ‘Malaysia truly Asia’. That saying goes completely by the name. It is so beautiful that the scenery will leave your flabbergasted when you reach there. It has the famous twin towers which were, at one time, one of the tallest structures on the planet earth. In Malaysia you can visit to Genting Highlands and the famous Langkawi city. It is a small city which is full of greenery which you can enjoy with your loved one, and is one of the most famous honeymoon spots.


  • Srilanka

Another marvel in the crown of Asia is the country of SrilankaSaqibSoomro told. Here you can enjoy the famous elephant rides in the city of Candy. You can get close to the nature in the city of Colombo and its thick and dense forests, which are best for the adventure seeking people in the world.

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