Five countries that are a must avoid while travel planning

Mr. SaqibSoomro has so many travel tales to tell that if you have a month to spare it will come short as well. Again we ventured into his home to meet him and listen to his travel stories that he has to offer. His stories are so much in depth that a mind can get engrossed in them for hours and hours without noticing how much time has passed away. This time we asked him that in his opinion which countries are a must avoid when it comes to travel planning around the world, as he knows so much about all the countries we knew that he would provide a handsome feedback to us. He said that there is a list that he has in which he considers these five countries the baldest in the travel planning:

  • Damascus, Syria

When it comes to the number one most dangerous country in travel planning it has to be Syria and most importantly the city of Damascus. The name might sound flamboyant but it is far from that. It has constant bombings and fighting going on and everyday people are killed on the streets and kidnapped. He says that one must cancel all the plans for travelling if they are travelling with family or even alone. Even the world’s journalists are advised not to go there because of the prevalent circumstances. Better to travel anywhere else than this place he says.


  • Afghanistan

In the second spot Mr. SaqibSoomro says that the most important country not to visits for the safety of your life is Afghanistan. Here the civil war has been happening since ages and the infrastructure has broken down big time that there aren’t roads to travel even. So if you are making any such plans of travelling to Afghanistan then you must reconsider because another factor is that, this country is even very conservative.


  • South Sudan

Another worst country in the world is the South Sudan where there has been freedom fighting going on. The fighting has been taking place since ages there, it is a great place if you want to see the wildlife but the problem is that the people of that country are very wild, they kill all the people who visits there so one must take note while planning travel there.


  • Iraq

Iraq is another country which has seen a lot of trouble post Saddam Hussain’s regimen. It has seen a lot of devastation and catastrophe. So much has happened there in the last two decades with the bomb blasts to firings to killings that it has become a no-go area for the people and most importantly tourists.


  • Somalia

Somalia is the country which comes in the fifth of the list. Because of the fact that this country is filled with poverty. There isn’t any bombings or fighting going on but the crime rate in Somalia is very high SaqibSoomro said. It is a beautiful country but comes in the danger list.

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