How many times you should travel and what its frequency should be

The Money factor

He says that money is the primary factor which determines the frequency of travelling a person does. A lot of it has to do with the passion and the intention of a person. If a person wants to travel the world he will save by all the means. The best way of saving money he says is buy dividing the amount of income you get into three categories. One you save and invest for future, one you say keep for monthly expenses and one you save for travel. When you keep that income and add a multiplier effect to it on the monthly basis that income at the end of the year equates to a huge amount which will help you in travelling. A travelling according to Mr. Saqib Soomro will be modest but that is all that you want to do. Because according to him when it comes to the passionate travelers they don’t look for luxuries in their travel, all they want to do is to roam and world and see the places this world has to offer them. So if you want to travel the world, and have a limited budget, you must start saving.

The frequency of travelling

As it is stated before that more than the money the thing what matters in the travelling is the passion. And that determines the way you live your life. Mr. Saqib Soomro tells that he has a friend, his travel technique is that he saves all the time, and since he does a job, he gets 15 days off from his work in the form of annual leaves. In which he has divided in to two categories, one he takes a 7 days leave in the start of the year and second he takes the 7 days leaves near the month of December, so that’s how he splits his leave into two and he has two vacations in an year. Same way he has this another friend he is a business man but the good thing about him is that he can travel whenever he want to because he owns his own business and he has nobody to ask the leave from.

Two times is the must for all

Mr. Saqib Ahmed Soomro believe that nobody how rich or poor a person has he must travel at least two times a year, just to refresh his mind and reenergize his body mind and soul. He always says that you must move on with your life and the best way to learn new cultures and open up the mind is by travelling at least twice a year. Twice a year a person learns to travel and learns to mingle with the cultures to different places and most importantly he makes memories which will last forever.

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