SaqibSoomro plans to create his new antique furniture collection

Saqib Ahmed Soomro as we all know is an ardent furniture and travel lover. He has been to several countries and has seen many types of different furniture. He has an ample amount of interest in the antique furniture from all over the world. He often recommends to the people of how to buy and what to buy and where to buy when it comes to the antique furniture. After years of wandering around the world looking and getting himself the antique furniture of all around the world one day he finally decided that he would want to start creating his own way out of his own thinking the new antique type of collection of furniture that he would make. The best part about making a furniture that accordingly customized the needs for the individual is drastically magnifying the reticulum of the nucleus of the world.

Mr. Saqib Khan Soomro says, that at first the idea when it hit him that he would want start his own furniture collection, many people came to him and said that it would cost him a lot and would not work in the market because the furniture will be new and not antique but the main thing about the furniture that people wouldforesee is that fact that the furniture is made as antique. It isn’t really antique. But he says that it wouldn’t stop him from making furniture because of the fact that he loves making it and the best thing about making furniture is that it soothes his soul and mind. He always says that normal people can comprehend what he feels about the furniture being made. When it makes it, it won’t have the same effect as it has in any businessman’s mind that he will earn money out of it, but to him it’s more of a thing that he loves. He also ways that his furniture that will be antique like will be more of a collector’s item for the people who would want it to be.

MrSaqibsoomro has already started working upon the things that he would present to it the world. In order that everything to go smoothly he has also set up factories in the remote areas of Pakistan, the reason being he says that he would want the local people to get the employment and make money out of it. For that he has also plans to import raw material from Greece, China & Morocco. As the world knows that the best material comes from the all three countries that have been named here. The most part of the manufacturing process will comprises of people who would take part in labor, according to him it will increase the employment levels of the people working and also will work for the betterment of their future. For furniture building expertise he also conducts workshops of the potential workers on how to make antique furniture from a new raw material and cutting of new type of woods.


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