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The world’s seven best beaches recommended by Saqib Soomro

A beach is a place where a person relaxes and takes out all the stresses of life that he has. A beach is a place of serene tranquility for a person where he could decipher on things which he in usual terms cannot. There are seven beaches in the world that he considers best and the list are as follows.

  • Santa Monica beach
    As the name goes by this beach lives up to its reputation. Santa Monica beach is near to the famous Santa Monica Boulevard in the outskirts of the great Rodeo Drive. On this beach you can easily spot the celebrities strolling down since its right at the corner of Hollywood. This beach is paparazzi’s hovering around to get a glimpse of their favorite star.
  • Venice Beach
    Don’t mistake the name as if it is in Italy. This beach is on the corners of California where the great Arnold Schwarzenegger worked out at. This gym is famous for the gym rats that are found because it is very near to the Mecca of bodybuilding which is Golds Gym.
  • Monte-Carlo Beach
    Mr. Saqib Soomro states that this beach stays close to his heart. Just because it attracts the top celebrities and the multi billionaires of the world. He says that it sits right in the middle of Monaco in Europe where he goes every year to see the Formula 1 races take place in the municipality.
  • Phi Phi Islands
    He points out that if you want to have a tropical outlook of rain with tress and sunshine, you must visit Thailand at the Phi Phi island beaches. These beaches are a love factor for all the movies makers out there. From James bond movies to Steven ones you will find that these beaches had remained the part of every movie makers life.
  • Uluwatu beach
    Mr. Saqib Soomro points out that Bali, Indonesia is world famous for its amazing beaches. But out of all the beaches Bali has, Uluwatu beach has its own existence. On the side skirts of PuraUlun Dan Beratan you will find this beach is mixture of green pasture with rocks and a market place to die for.
  • Bondi Beach
    Bondi beach Sydney is the best for the surfers around the world. The world Surfing competition takes place there and surfers from all over the world come here to try their luck in winning the coveted crown. Skin and sand goes hand in hand at this beautiful beach where you may even spot a lot of concerts and parties going on there, but just watch out for the sharks and currents.
  • Sentosa Beach
    Sentosa beach is a place where there is an influx of technology. Singapore is the best country in the world for passport domination. And Sentosa is the place just on the corners of the Singapore. You can find the best cruise parties here and the best weather there.