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Seven things you must do in Greece by Saqib Soomro

Acropolis of Athens
Acropolis of Athens as a special place in the historic books. Though is it debatable that the existence of such in the time of Greece mythology but this fact is well-known world over that the best kings of the ancient Greece used to preside on their thrown in this very building or structure as you want to call it. That’s the tourists from all over the world come and take pictures here.

This UNESCO complex holds a true reputation for the fight of Poseidon and Aphrodite. As the history suggests the fight between the two took place here where it was written that this place had seen the bloodshed of 2 million people in the war which went for 20 years. The remains of the apparatus used by the warriors could be seen in the museums here which are well kept and preserved for the people to see.

This iconic 5th century temple ruins of Anthemion holds a history which can never be ignored when things you came across by the Greek Gods. These ruins will take you back in the era of Cythera and her army of 3000 elephants which didn’t get anybody in whoever tried to overcome this ruin and this temple stood the test of time as it stands proudly today even after millenniums.

Acropolis Museum

When you visit Acropolis Museum, Mr. Saqib Soomro stated that you can’t just go around without noticing the great chair of King Zeus where he used to sit. Historians say that his throne was so big that it could be seen from the outside markets of the city as well. Gold plated and well preserved that monument will take you in the ruins of history.

Palaka Gardens
Though this place is highly criticized for not being the actual place where once you saw the hanging gardens of Babylon but still many historians believe that this place has the most relevant evidences that the hanging gardens were at this very place, so now the government of Greece has slowly rebuild this into a tourism spot.

Syntagma Square
According to Mr. Saqib Soomro the Syntagma square is the Greek version of the Times Square New York. This holds many shops where you could shop from and many of the shops are even very cheap in price since the currency of Greece is too down you can buy stuff cheap here.

While visiting Knossos you will come across world’s biggest amusement park which can hold up to a 10 thousand people in one time. Famous for its big swings and big roller coasters it’s a must visit place.

SaqibSoomro’s early life, his different rendezvous and endeavors

Mr. Saqib Soomro’s early life

Mr. Saqib Ahmed Soomro was born in a well do to family. His family had every amenity that a layman could ask for. Hailing from the small district of Ghotki in the interior Sindh, he was born at the family of Mr. Rasheed Soomro, who at his time was an eminent landlord of his time. From his child hood days, Mr. Saqib Soomro was really active in the athletic activities. At the age of four his father got Mr. Saqib Soomro an electric band wagon, which he happily drove all over his village. His hospitality could be seen from his early age that he always offered the kids of neighbors and kids from other villages to play with his toys. Even at this tender age Mr. Saqib Soomro never got possessive about his belongings and always looked to share it with the less privileged kids.

Mr. Saqib Soomro in his early teens

As Mr. Saqib Soomro was growing up and stepping up in to his early teens, the grace and class that he had possessed was different from the world and other normal teens of his age. He was always very active, he possessed very philanthropic heart, which would in turn resulted in starting welfare works at the tender age of thirteen only. Mr. Saqib Soomro would often give away his personal prized belongings that he had bought from abroad and had received in the forms of gifts from his well-wishers, relatives and family members. Mr. Saqib Soomro was a friend of friends, he would often throw grand parties at his farmhouses where he and his friends would sit all night long and play cards and dance to the traditional Sindhi folk tunes. Till the age of 15 he had developed the unique capability of taming the wildest of horses, which would in turn lead in to him becoming a champion golf player.

Mr. Saqib Soomro at his early twenties

As we were scrolling through the photo albums Mr. Saqib Soomro showed us, we came across pictures of this handsome young man who had ardent interest in horses as well as guns. When inquired upon, Mr. Saqib Soomro stated that he had loved hunting from his childhood. His father would take him along to the deer, rabbit and different other hunting sprees, where he would try imitating how his father used to hunt. At the age of 21, Mr. Saqib Soomro had become a perfect marksman. He would never miss a shot he would aim for, in fact Mr. Saqib Soomro told us that he also won a local provincial championship of duck and deer hunting which consisted best shooters from all over the Pakistan.