Top 5 travel journalist in the world

Mr. SaqibSoomro has a travel bug in his brain. He has been travelling since 4 decades now to all over the world visiting several different places that one must visits in the lifetime. He talks about the people he met over his escapades in the world, from different nationalities from different origins. The nicest people on the world, he has mentioned, that they can be found in anywhere of the world. The question that we asked him that who does he find the best journalist who cover travelling in the best way possible so he tells us that these are the few people he thinks are the best in covering travelling and giving out the best possible view to the readers:

  • Bill Bryson

This guy has the experience of travel of almost 3 decades. He has covered up almost all of the world has to offer in his writing all over the world in the form of blogs, articles, newspaper stuff, internet writings and many more. He is a British-American author who has produced and written several different books on travel and his travel quests. He always available to answer all the questions that novice travelers has to ask him about the world.


  • Rebecca West

Rebecca west was another traveler who has passed away from this world, but in his eyes she is the most prominent traveler out of all the females that has travel the world. She was a pure British born author who travelled the entire world in her lifetime. From north to east, from south to west SaqibSoomro told us. He has written several different books on travel journalism and owns patentstoo many different travel agencies all over the world. Her name is considered one of the most sought after in the field of travel journalism.


  • John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck was an all American traveler and gypsy in the early nineteenth century. He also won the Nobel Prize for his writings in the field of travelling.  The best part about this guy that he had traveled the world in the time when there were many less luxuries then now a days. He saw the world and his wrote in the time what he saw for the world has to see. His teachings are still being taught in many universities in the United States of America.


  • Jan Morris

Jan Morris is one of the oldest surviving travelers in the world. He was born in the little town of England near to Manchester. She dropped out from college just to pursue her dream of travelling the world. When she did, she wrote many books on it that people loved it.


  • Henry VollomMortan

Last but not the least in the list of favorite travel journalist in to the point of view of Mr.SaqibSoomro is Henry. He hailed from Lancashire England and has traveled the world and written his scriptures for the students to their inspiration from. The best ones are the one written on the history of Europe.


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