Tourist Traps of New York by SaqibSoomro

New York, is every travelers dream to go to. Every child from when he or she gets his or her exposure wants to visit this city which is famously known as the big apple. The more you read about it the more it gets your attention and makes you attracted to it. So he tells us about the most famous tourist traps of New York.

  • Statue of liberty photographers:

When a person visits New York he will most definitely visit the place which is the New York is most famous for, the statue of liberty. But the main problem in the beautiful marvel lies in the fact that it is shrouded by the people trying to rip you off of your money. These are the main land photographers, which will hover around you as you visit the beautiful place and ask you for your picture taken, as soon as you get it taken, they ask you for a huge amount of money which you will eventually have to pay.


  • Times squares dress up:

The second in the list when you come too big apple is the fact that you will obviously go to the Times Square New York when you land there. It is a beautiful place to get your pictures taken but it comes with a catch. You will see their people who are constantly trying to come to you for the pictures dressed as super heroes and stuff. Do not fall for them, they will ask you large sum of money after it if done so never ever do it and always stay vigilant for them.


  • Citadel of Abraham:

Citadel of Abraham is the choice for many travelers SaqibSoomro said. In this citadel you can go and enjoy the sights and sounds of old Abraham Lincoln’s era, where there was peace and serenity. Here you will see fake ticket sellers everywhere, but you will have to watch out for them. These ticket sellers have wrong tickets and can be spotted if you look at them closely, wrong tickets have plain white color while the actual ones are blue in color.


  • Google park:

Google Park has been added as the very recent attraction to the New York’s things. The best part about is park is that it has all the technology from the advent of computers and other stuff. The more power for the attraction is that once you pay for the tickets everything is free inside. But there is a catch, here the fake sellers will try to sell you fake cover and stuff, watch out for them.


  • Bronco busters:

These guys are known to give bikes and cars for rent, but it has happened that some of the new people with the same names have opened their business too, always go for the original bronco busters, because that’s the place where you will be getting the quality bike and cars for your travel requirements SaqibSoomro said.

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